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Brave Beginnings

With her help I have been able to overcome most of my fears.

When I met Shraddha in October 2019 I was having lot of anxiety and was in severe depression. I have had a history of psychosis and was hell bent on n

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Remember: What doesn’t kill you, only makes you strong

These past few months have been life changing, figuratively for me and quite literally for a lot of people out there. Who would have thought that an u

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Hope is the best thing that Shrradha has given me.

Strange are the ways of God, my mother often says. I did not think I would ever get the chance to share a success story with anyone, but here we are.

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Unlike before, I can pick myself up

For most of my life, I have been in a battle with myself. Nothing was good enough for me. I was not good enough for me. This perspective worked till I

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Getting Help

At first I was a bit skeptical about going to a psychologist as I always believed that we can overcome anything by changing our attitude. But I was wr

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This is to all the people questioning their self

Hi, this is to all the people questioning their self worth and doubting their capabilities, right now. I have been through the same and I would just l

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She has completely transformed my life

I have been taking therapy with Shrradha for almost a year now and my experience has been amazing. She has completely transformed my life, I was suffe

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