Online/Virtual sessions are conducted.


  • What is therapy?

    Therapy is a systematic, structured, non-judgmental approach to address the client’s problems or help an individual reach his/her goals. It empowers an individual with techniques and tools to live with confidence and create stability while also creating change and growth in life.

  • Who seeks therapy?

    An individual regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, status and ethnic background seeks therapy to address his/her presenting problems.

  • How does therapy help an individual?

    Therapy works both at the intrapersonal (self) and the interpersonal level in one’s relationships. The goal is to help resolve conflicts, tension and discrepancies which one experiences to become a fully functioning person.

  • What style of therapy do we follow?

    They are different schools of therapy that are researched and practiced such as psychoanalysis. I am trained and practice Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). Along with REBT we practice mindfulness based techniques and supportive therapy using techniques of relaxation and yoga.

  • What is confidentiality in therapy?

    Confidentiality maintains privacy of the details shared by the client in their relationship with the therapist. Confidentiality is assured to the fullest unless the client may put himself or others at risk.

  • How long do therapy sessions last?

    Each therapeutic session lasts for 45 minutes. Individuals meet the therapist on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 4-6 sessions for effective therapeutic results. The Tobacco Cessation Counselling program is a 5-session program.

  • When does one terminate therapy?

    An individual does terminate therapy once the goals are achieved or the individual is capable of managing his/her symptoms effectively. Emotional independence, risk-tasking behavior, exposure to the feared situation are all achieved in the therapeutic process with the active guidance of the therapist.

  • What are the different modes of connecting with the therapist?

    We see clients both personally and through phone or on-line sessions. On a one-to-one basis safety measures of sanitization are ensured in our private clinic and sessions are planned to maintain social distancing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Sessions are scheduled in advance and one may directly approach the therapist via email to set-up an appointment.

  • What is Single Session Therapy (SST)?

    Single Session therapy helps an individual address a specific problem in a single session. It helps the client reflect on his/her present concerns and evaluates alternative solution strategies for the same. A single session is longer than a normal therapy session and the client may schedule more sessions if required.

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