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My Journey

Shrradha Sidhwani

Clinical Psychologist (RCI-A51358)
Associate Fellow & Supervisor of REBT Institute (USA)

My Journey

Born in the metropolitan city of Mumbai and growing up in a conservative joint family, I was a protected and pampered child. Shifting to three different schools gave me a taste of adapting to different cultural and religious backgrounds in India.

Psychology, the study of human behavior has always been of keen interest from childhood. I majored in Psychology and Philosophy and completed my Graduate studies from The University of Melbourne, Australia. The experience of living away from home, dealing with the fears of being alone, eating alone and surviving in a different culture taught me the realities of life. Initially the discomfort of dealing with unknown people, making new friends and following a new academic calendar seemed discomforting. However, over time in a span of three years Melbourne seemed home.

Coming back to India was tough again and I went on to complete my Masters in Psychology with a Major in Clinical Psychology at The University of Mumbai. A world apart from what I had been used to in Australia, here the practical experience of Thane Mental Hospital was an eye-opener to how much work needed to be done in the field of Mental Health.

Thereon, I was determined to pursue my dream in my own city, Mumbai, and believed that one day India would be at par in mental health services as the other countries. In private practice, I was gifted to be in the team of one of the first established female psychiatrists, Dr. Anjali Chhabria. As the dreams of working in psychology unfolded over ten years, I learned that practice would always not be theoretical.

Enhancing on the psychological and philosophical skills, I went on to continue my education and further my skills as a psychologist from the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI), New York, USA. This was the journey to bring to India one of the most popular CBT techniques – REBT. Through workshops, corporate trainings, individual sessions, marriage counseling and then moving on to training therapists, this passion grew.

As One of the first Tobacco Trained specialists from Mayo Clinic, USA, jointly associated with the Narotam Seksaaria Foundation, I trained local counselors to help patients with Tobacco Cessation Programs in cancer hospitals.

As a certified Clinical Psychologist from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and an Associate Fellow and Supervisor from the AEI Institute, USA, the coaching and commitment of giving back to society and to the field of mental health continues.

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My Story


The year I was born into this world 🙂

Bestie for life

With my elder sister, my bestie!

Dad’s Princess

Younger of the two & pampered by all.

Explorer & Traveller

Support System

All girl’s school.


Had a great influence on my purpose.

Nerdy Look!

When you start analyzing yourself through your books!

Australian Experience

With major in psychology and philosophy.

Love is in the Air

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Tied the knot

Misshka Gift of Love

Birth of my little prince Viren

Supervisor & Associate Fellow of the REBT Institute

The learning & philosophical journey of life continues…

Young & Old

There’s a lot to learn from both!!


Still trying to unconditionally accept each other.

Courageously Connect.

Allow me to nurture, while you walk the path.