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Remember: What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

These past few months have been life changing, figuratively for me and quite literally for a lot of people out there. Who would have thought that an unknown virus from a relatively lesser known part of China could wreck such havoc or a wild fire in Australia could kill millions of innocent animals and cause such destruction , or one of the most decorated and talented basketball player to have ever lived , would die with his young daughter in a freak accident or we would lose our country’s finest acting talents overnight or how the death of 1 black man would bring the whole world together or quite recently the suicide of a talented young actor.

The list goes on and on as the days go by without having at least a third of good news to fight the negativity. I am writing this post because I have been through what Sushant Singh Rajput was apparently going through. I was diagnosed clinically depressed with a high anxiety issue just last year after something major happened in my life at that time. I initially laughed at the report but soon i realized that maybe, just maybe it might be something which wasn’t funny, and serious enough to pay attention to and deal with. So, I went to see a psychologist and so began a difficult journey of CHANGE. CHANGE is something that a lot of people want to bring in their life and they manage to even do so but can’t really hold on to it and slip back. In this one year, I just HAD to change a lot of things in my life, things so basic and seemingly unimportant but really which shapes up your whole life ahead. I had so many flaws that after a point in therapy I just gave up and decided that maybe people don’t change After All and it’s a cliché for a reason. But I could see myself going down a terrible path and if I didn’t change things, i wouldn’t be able to come back. Depression is such a monster that it’ll make you feel alone and cornered, and you wouldn’t be able to see people around you who are trying to get you out of it. Life can be cruel sometimes, like when you are going through something bad, life keeps the punches coming your way and you can’t catch a break. It’s tiring and almost impossible to handle alone. The moment you start accepting the fact that either you deal with this or you can ____, and reluctantly begin CHANGING, that’s when life starts retracting the blows and starts sending reinforcements.

As the funnyman Jim Carrey once said “I believe Depression is real , but I also think if you don’t exercise ,eat nutritious food, get sunlight , get enough sleep , consume positive material , surround yourself with support , then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance “. Couldn’t put it better, and so you see that it’s tough CHANGING, and it’s an ongoing process. It’s slow but anything worthy never comes easy and quick.

So do ask for help, don’t be ashamed to reach out, because you and only you can truly save yourself, people can help but u must take the first step.

We humans are natural born survivors and if we get through this pandemic, hell, get through this year, with our heads over our shoulders i don’t think anything anymore will be so challenging in life anymore.

Remember: What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Yes, Depression is bad, covid-19 is worse, unemployment and a thousand other things right now in your life might suck, but it shouldn’t be worthy enough to end your life.


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