Online/Virtual sessions are conducted.

Getting Help

At first I was a bit skeptical about going to a psychologist as I always believed that we can overcome anything by changing our attitude. But I was wrong and was dealing with anger, frustration, mood swings and always irritable with people around me.

My parents introduced me to Shrradha Sidhwani. I was still being stubborn and dint want to listen to her and thought I would solve my problems but over time I started understanding her and her ways of explaining me and making me understand that everyone and everything is not same and we have to try adjusting to things and people around. The ways she would be in touch with you and always available to answer any queries was the best part. She is very supportive and brings out the best in person.

She has helped me overcome my fears and helped BE something coz before I never felt like doing anything and was always complaining about things and people. She has helped me in building my confidence. After meeting her my mind changed and I support people now to talk to a psychologist.


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