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Hope is the best thing that Shrradha has given me.

Strange are the ways of God, my mother often says. I did not think I would ever get the chance to share a success story with anyone, but here we are.

I am a happy, hopeful woman who has had her life turned around in a matter of ten weeks. It is almost laughable that I carried around so much pain with me for so many years. I was too proud to get help and was dead against sharing my shame, weaknesses and downfalls. The inevitable breakdown followed and I found myself wishing I could end it all. And yet, strangely, here I am.

I have changed in ways I did not think I was capable of. Small things that irked me to no end have lost all power over me. Big problems that seemed insurmountable are now very, very manageable. Ten weeks ago, my only dedication in life was to hurt myself and now, here I am a hopeful and confident woman. Hope is the best thing that Shrradha has given me. I look forward to a life where I am not only helping myself, but those around me. I know I can handle things that come my way, and if I cannot, I will get help. I am so, so hopeful for the future. Thank you very much, Shrradha, for changing my life. You have made not just me, but my family and closest friends, hopeful for the future.

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