Online/Virtual sessions are conducted.

With her help I have been able to overcome most of my fears.

When I met Shraddha in October 2019 I was having lot of anxiety and was in severe depression.

I have had a history of psychosis and was hell bent on not changing my thought process. My tolerance level with the pain that I went through since childhood had literally become 0 and worst of all I was not being able to understand that I had a problem forget coping with the same…I had retreated my self from the real world and was in immense was just terrible..

My first thought was that no counsellor will be able to understand my thought process and that I did not need to go to one.It did not take me long to get over that and we connected in the first meeting (a friend of mine took me to her)

She has helped me provide insight into my own self and my thoughts and my awareness has increased I understand myself better and hence am able to cope with my problems..because problems will always be there..

I have realised a lot about how the mind can create false realities or delusive thoughts which seems real to the person having them but it is nothing but the minds coping mechanism.

This insight is my biggest learning and mind you its very difficult to keep things real when your mind is constantly trying to escape reality.

Today With her help I have been able to overcome most of my fears and consequently the anxiety is almost 0 and now we are working on my health, education, career, relationships and community goals

She really puts in all the effort to try and help you and you can have a logical, scientific or a philosophical conversation with her..

But ultimately it all boils down to less thinking more doing and being in the present reality and being responsible.

You need to be able to let go.

I have learnt a lot from her and she has been a guiding force.

Thank you so much..!!

Courageously Connect.

Allow me to nurture, while you walk the path.