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This is to all the people questioning their self

Hi, this is to all the people questioning their self worth and doubting their capabilities, right now. I have been through the same and I would just like to extend my support to you.

I started my first internship in August 2019 and initially it was going really well. One fine day I was working on my laptop and suddenly, I didn’t know what happened to me but I started crying and in order to hide my tears I went to the washroom and cried like a baby. And then this started happening quite a lot of times. There were days when I was not able to face the situation so I made some excuse and came back home. And then there were days where I just couldn’t step out of the house because of the fear not letting me overcome the issues that I was facing at the office and then there were days where I overcame everything and faced the day.

But after a point of time, I felt a lot tired and I thought this fear and this crying is not helping me but since I was mentally tired I was not able to take a sound decision and I took a foolish decision of leaving my internship. But I was sure that I want to overcome whatever I was facing and so I started to seek therapy and visit a psychiatrist. In a month and a half, I overcame this fear, this anxiety and this tension and right now I am perfectly fine and I have joined a new internship and I am actually enjoying a lot. In some way, this anxiety genuinely helped me clear my mind.

This is to everyone who is facing a similar situation and not able to find any answers or a way out. All of us are here with you and if you are facing these issues, I would suggest that as soon as possible, please talk to your parents, please seek therapy, please take medicines and trust me this is normal. Don’t think what the society is going to think because they are going to do that anyway.
All the best champions.


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