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Sleep Disturbances: is it a pattern or disease?

Most of us understand and are tuned to our body and our clocks. Some maybe early risers and some are nocturnal owls. Individual differences are normal and one generally develops habitual patterns of behaving from childhood. Sleep is an essential element of our routine as it helps us to restore the wear and tear of cells. Disruption of sleep can be manifested in many ways. Most commonly individuals suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. Clients generally complain of having difficulty falling asleep or tend to repeatedly wake up before the desired scheduled time.

Hypersomnia on the other extreme is sleeping for excessive hours more than what one wishes and is scheduled to. This pattern may lead to daytime sleeping and tends to disrupt the individuals normal functionality such as work and social life. Other triggers for sleep related disorders could be disruptive work schedules, excessive work –related travel (jet-lag), and breathing related sleep disorders.

Psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts also contribute and exasperate sleep related conditions. Clients with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) suffer from repeated flashes of the trauma and complain of disturbed sleep patterns. In children sleep related issues may manifest as sleep-talking or sleepwalking disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques help clients overcome their distorted fears and obsessive thoughts. Mindfulness helps clients focus on their senses. Psychotherapy aims at identifying the underlying causes and helping patients de-stress. As an experienced psychologist in Mumbai I recommend breathing related techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery to clients to maintain appropriate sleep hygiene.

Therapy aims at developing effective sleep hygiene techniques by maintaining a sleep log, or a sleep ritual. An effective regulation of sleep is as essential as proper nutrition to our body. Prolonged periods of sleep disruption may disrupt the biological parameters of the body such blood pressure and sugar levels and thus should not be ignored.

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