Online/Virtual sessions are conducted.

Tele-Counselling / Tele-Therapy

Tele-counseling or Telehealth services are counseling sessions which are conducted through telephonic or digital platforms. Telehealth services have been popular in cases where clients are unable to engage in physical therapy sessions due to work and time constraints. Clients who may move across cities and countries may also prefer continuing sessions with therapist that they have build prior rapport with. Tele-counseling may also benefit clients in crisis and emergency, for example dealing with panic attacks or suicidal ideation.

Confidentiality is maintained and clients are reassured of the safety measures of technology used. Tele-counseling sessions are scheduled on appointment basis and a brief history of the clients concerns and symptoms are obtained via email. Most therapy sessions are planned with goals for each session and the clients and therapist work on weekly goals and home-work assignments. Incase of referrals for medication and psychometric assessments the clients maybe further guided to visit the psychiatrist or psychological clinic.

Tele-therapy sessions are especially helpful for geriatric populations and clients with physical disabilities. Some clients may be reluctant to visit a psychologist and tele-counselling services help in reducing the resistance and removing the stigma associated with the field of mental health. Clients are guided through cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques and move towards achieving emotional independence.

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