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Eating disorder management

Eating disorders are classified into Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge eating disorder. These disturbing conditions mostly start during the adolescent’s age and are prevalent in both men and women. With the modernization of technology and the prevalence of social media many individuals tend to base their worth on how many likes and followers they get on their digital platform.

As a psychologist I feel, the underlying pathology in most of these eating disorders is a general evaluation of body image and self as ‘not being good enough’. Clients restrict their intake of food, avoid people and places, obsessively exercise and even indulge in purging behavior such as vomiting or taking laxatives. Clients tend to have a distorted sense of the way they appear and go through feelings of shame, embarrassment and depression. Their constant obsession with food and weight can get severe enough and in some cases may warrant hospitalization. They regain a sense of control over their life by indulging in restricting and compensating behaviors of eating.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients restore their poor self-esteem. Any change is difficult and the psychologists help clients restore self-care and acceptance by challenging their dysfunctional beliefs. Cost benefit analysis and maintaining food journals help clients stick to their healthy goals of gaining weight in therapy. Homework assignments from psychologists after the sessions enable clients build an attitude of accepting their body unconditionally.

Mindfulness techniques are used to diffuse the distorted thoughts around weight to help clients see and absorb facts. Therapy ensures that the clients use effective techniques without being self-critical and judgmental in order to prevent relapse. Empowering young clients helps them remove the baggage that they carry about the self and they wishfully look ahead to a positive self.

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