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I am a certified Psychologist & Psychotherapist practicing in Bandra West, Mumbai. I am certified from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). I have been formally trained in Rational Emotive Behavioural therapy (REBT) and am an Associate Fellow and Supervisor from the AEI Institute, USA.

Recently, I have been certified as a Single Session Therapist, trained by the founder Dr. Windy Dryden. In a limited amount of time, problems related to anger, addiction, anxiety, depression in children, adolescents and marital discord among adults are addressed. Family counselling is done to ensure harmony between members to maintain a more friendly and balanced atmosphere. This is enhanced by the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and supportive techniques. I have been certified as one of India’s first Tobacco Trained Specialist (TTS) from the Mayo Clinic, USA.

As a Psychologist in Mumbai, I provide counselling for issues such as:

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