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Starting with excessive drowsiness and constant crying depression is a dark phase. Creativity and intelligence doesn’t seem beneficial when your mind constantly has automatic thoughts of not being loved and accepted by your environment.  Loss and a sense of void are experienced in depression and you feel stuck in your negativity. Lack of focus and lack of motivation worsens this phase further. At times one is actually waiting for time to pass and take charge of the self. When in depression, Self-downing thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “Maybe its not worth living”, “its ok to end my life when I don’t see meaning & purpose” is clouding your consciousness. Constant rumination and critical self-judgment become the highlighting parts of the day.

Loss of interest in exercising and pursing hobbies such as art, music are characteristic features. There’s a constant need to push the body even to perform daily activities of eating, sleeping and talking to people. Concentration is lost and the mind seems blank or heavy most of the day. Overtime, when you are in depression, it gets difficult to maintain the fake self of being happy externally and one tends to avoid. The body seems sensitive to noise and the world outside the self is perceived chaotic.

This prolonged phase of sadness is disturbing and does not fade away even in good happy moments. Most people feel one can snap out of depression by diverting your mind but it’s often difficult to control your thoughts let alone divert them. One feels consumed by the shame of not being able to control your mind. The shame and embarrassment prevents you to seek professional help. However, depression is curable and manageable through cognitive, behavioral techniques.

Psychologists use series of structured techniques such as cognitive restructuring, journaling, reframing and imagery that help minimize and neutralize the negative thoughts. In therapy sessions, behavior modification techniques such as guided muscle relaxation also help boost the physical and mental fitness. Therapy helps in venting out pent up emotions and the psychologist uses empathy and compassion in their relationship with the patient.

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