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Anxiety Management

The current situation of the pandemic has definitely elevated levels of anxiety not only in people who were earlier suffering from anxiety disorders but also on the general population. There’s intense fear of disease, suffering and death. Anxiety symptoms may include palpitations, sweating, lack of focus, de-motivation & insomnia. When in anxiety, the body and mind seem to be out of control and general functionality of eating, exercising is disturbed.

Many people suffer from phobias such as traveling by flights, going in elevators, fear of heights, insects. There are others who suffer from social phobia that is fear of crowded places such as malls, theaters and auditorium. Generalized anxiety disorder mostly seen in women maybe associated with aches and pains. These individuals maybe anxious most of the time regardless of the situation they are in.

So what is anxiety? Anxiety is a defense reaction of the body to any perceived threat. The threat can be a perceived external stimulus “if I get out I will be infected” or can be unhelpful obsessive internal thoughts. Anxiety may be triggered by past, present or the anticipation of future negative situation such as “what if I lose my job”?

Psychological Research has indicated that the best techniques used to counter anxiety are cognitive behavioral strategies. In therapy,  as psychologists, we help patients change their exaggerated and catastrophic thoughts “how can I handle this situation? I can’t tolerate this discomfort any longer” to build frustration tolerance “It’s bad, unfortunate but maybe I can stand it”.

Psychologist’s use relaxation and mindfulness techniques that are effective in treating anxiety patients and help patients to bring their attention back to their current state: the here and now. Through Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) the therapist helps patients develop more helpful and achievable goals. Exposure therapy is systematically used to encourage patients challenge their fears and gain self-confidence.

Life is a constant challenge and we may encounter numerous fearful situations. Avoidance of these situations reinforces the fear and disables patients. Let us take the plunge and commit ourselves to face rather get consumed by our fears.

Many try and manage their anxiety and choose to live with unhealthy panic symptoms. Psychologists assist patients in minimizing these symptoms and moving towards a healthy functional life.

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