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Anger Management and Assertive Training

Anger is an emotion that is evolutionary prevalent in all species. ‘Flight or fight response’ of an organism is observed when the individual perceives danger. Anger by itself is not pathological, however the expression of it can be. Two extreme ways of expressing anger are being passive or aggressive.

Aggression is screaming, shouting, and breaking things and completely losing control either verbally, physically or both. Being passive on the other hand is bottling up ones feelings and not expressing. Some believe that expressing anger is healthier while others think that there maybe no point in expressing anger. In therapy either of the extremes are pathological.

There are many underlying themes that lead to passive anger or aggressive outbursts. Individuals could be suffering from dysthymia, depression, anxiety, personality issue, addictions, or maybe simple dealing with unfulfilled desires or extreme guilt. Psychotherapy helps in identifying the source and patterns of anger manifestations. Anger management enables clients to develop skills to change their unhealthy behavioral manifestations of anger to healthier behaviors of assertiveness. Conflict-resolution and communication strategies are taught both to individuals and couples. Teenage anger may disrupt the harmony of the entire house. Coping through the adolescent phase is about dealing with bullying, seeking validation, irrational competition and excessive parental control. Anger is also a symptom noted when one is dealing with physical conditions of aches and pains, frustrations of daily life and dealing with academic or work pressures.

In corporate setups meeting deadlines and targets, constantly coordinating and delegating between team members can be exhausting. The continuous struggle of proving yourself and maintaining your ‘perfect standards’ may lead to a breakdown if preserved over long periods.

 Assertiveness training is maintaining an effective communication, being firm and stern while still respecting the rights of the other. Assertiveness is about taking charge and responsibility of your emotions while firmly stating your boundaries. Anger management sessions and workshops are based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapist highlights the distorted patterns of thinking that lead to unhelpful negative patterns and helps the client move beyond the blame-game. Mindfulness and guided imagery techniques are incorporated into therapy sessions as a means of relaxation.

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